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First snow of the season finally set to arrive in Thornton

Thursday, November 17th, 2016 5:04am MDT

Following on weeks of dry, unseasonably warm weather, we finally are set to see a transition to weather more appropriate for this time of year. Temperatures are going to be far below yesterday’s record-setting levels and our first snow of the season is on tap.

We start the day with mostly cloudy skies but soon things will be obscured completely. Temperatures today will be topping out close to the 40 degree mark around noon then decreasing after that. Winds this afternoon will be picking up causing it to feel a bit uncomfortable outside.

In terms of the coming precipitation, we may see a flurry early but don’t expect much until mid-morning and closer to noon lasting into this evening. Right now it looks like the daytime will see a rain / snow mix, possibly up to an inch of accumulation of the white stuff on grassy areas. This evening as things cool down it will move to all snow with up to another inch possible before midnight.

Keep an eye out for the developing showers with our interactive radar here.

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Denver ties all-time record high temperature for month of November

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 3:41pm MDT

Record High TemperaturesWe thought the daily high temperature record for November 16 would fall today and indeed it did.  However the Mile High City also managed to tie the record for the warmest temperature ever recorded during the month of November.

At 1:24pm the station at Denver International Airport reported a mercury reading of 80 degrees.

This easily bested the previous record high temperature for November 16 of 77 degrees set in 1941.

Perhaps more notably, the reading also ties the all-time record high temperature for the month of November.  The old mark was 80 degrees set on November 8, 2006.  This is in turn the latest in the year an 80 degree reading has been tallied.

Here in Thornton, we were a bit warmer than DIA.  Our temperature topped out at 81.5 degrees at 1:02pm.

Showcasing the wide swings of weather we experience here in Colorado is the fact that after these records today, high temperatures tomorrow won’t go very far into the 40s.  Check out forecast for the latest.

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Potentially record-setting highs Wednesday before snow Thursday

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 5:03am MDT

From one extreme to the next over the next 48 hours for Thornton. We begin with high temperatures that are likely to break records and will end with much colder temperatures and a quick shot of snow.

For today we will see partly sunny skies above. Their impact on mercury readings isn’t expected to be all that great however but may play a factor in our final high reading for the day. Conditions will be dry and relatively calm although some breezy winds can be expected from late morning into the afternoon.

In terms of temperatures, we are expecting highs to push very close to the 80 degree mark. Denver’s record high temperature for today’s date is 77 degrees set in 1941. Additionally, the warmest temperature ever recorded in the Month of November is 80 degrees set in 2006. Both marks may be in jeopardy.

After the heat, the cold. A cold front will move through tomorrow morning coupled with a trough arriving later in the day. Coupled together, we are going to see much colder temperatures tomorrow with highs only around 40 degrees.

A few sprinkles of rain may be seen in the morning before a transition to snow occurs lasting into Thursday evening. Right now it appears an inch or two of the white stuff will be possible however much of that is expected to melt quickly as the ground is quite warm.

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Near record-setting high temperatures expected Tuesday

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 5:14am MDT

We finally see an end to our extraordinarily warm weather ahead. However, before that comes, we will be seeing a couple of days with temperatures challenging record highs.

For today look for sunny skies to be above throughout the day. Winds will generally be calm and out of the southwest, conditions try. The mercury will be climbing toward a high in the upper 70s, coming very close to the record high for the date of 78 degrees set in 1942.

Looking ahead, tomorrow will offer similarly mild temperatures, perhaps a couple of degrees cooler. After that, a trough is expected to dig in Thursday and as it does a low pressure system will move in allowing colder air from the north to be pulled down. This will translate into below normal temperatures Thursday and Friday.

In terms of precipitation, right now it looks like we may start with some rain Thursday afternoon changing to a rain / snow mix overnight Thursday. It is a bit too far out to start throwing out numbers but we could see an inch or so of the white stuff, sticking only to grassy areas. More in our extended forecast here.

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2016 ‘Likely’ Hottest Year Ever: WMO

Monday, November 14th, 2016 2:16pm MDT

2016 will “very likely” be the hottest year on record, according to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization. According to a news release from the WMO, 2016 will likely eclipse the previous hottest year, 2015. “Another year. Another record. The high temperatures we saw in 2015 are set to be beaten in 2016,” said WMO Secretary-General… » Click here to read the rest of 2016 ‘Likely’ Hottest Year Ever: WMO

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Thornton’s workweek starts with mild temps, dry conditions

Monday, November 14th, 2016 5:30am MDT

Here we go again. High pressure continues its domination and that will lead to more mercury readings well above normal. We do however finally see us breaking out of this pattern by the latter half of the week.

For today we will enjoy mostly sunny skies above throughout the day. Winds will be light and out of the southwest, conditions dry. Temperatures will be climbing to a high of around 71 degrees, far above the average for the date of 53 degrees.

Looking ahead, we’ll see even warmer temperatures tomorrow and Wednesday, potentially record setting. Thursday brings change although models are still not in agreement as to exactly what is going to happen. We do expect temperatures to be close to normal Thursday with possibly some rain. Then Thursday night, depending on the exact track and intensity of the system, we may see snow overnight into Friday morning.

Have a closer look in the extended weather forecast here.

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Strong Aftershocks Hit New Zealand Following Strong Quake

Sunday, November 13th, 2016 2:13pm MDT

A powerful aftershock shook New Zealand’s South Island Monday, just hours after being hit by a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake. “It looks as though it’s the infrastructure that’s the biggest problem,” said Civil Defense Minister Gerry Brownlee after flying over the affected area with Prime Minister John Key. A slip dam caused by earthquakes had blocked the… » Click here to read the rest of Strong Aftershocks Hit New Zealand Following Strong Quake

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November 13 to November 19: This week in Denver weather history

Sunday, November 13th, 2016 7:50am MDT
This Week In Denver Weather History

November 13 to November 19: This week in Denver weather history

Wind and snow are two hallmarks of Denver’s November weather and we see an abundance of those events in our look back at this week in Denver weather history. Damaging wind makes numerous appearances as does wintry weather.

From the National Weather Service:


In 2014…an Arctic cold front associated with a strong storm system over the northern Rockies blasted into northeastern Colorado.  The temperature in Denver plummeted from the high of 64 degrees at 4:37 pm to 34 degrees by 5:53 pm.  The temperatures continued to fall and dropped into the teens by early evening.  The Arctic airmass remained entrenched over the region…with the high temperatures failing to reach the teens from the 11th through the 13th.  This was the first time since records have been taken in Denver…dating back to 1872…that there were three consecutive days with the maximum temperatures remained below 20 degrees in the month of November.  In addition to the frigid temperatures…0.1 inch of snowfall was observed on 11th at Denver International Airport…which marked the first measureable snowfall for the season. An additional 2.2 inches of snowfall was measured on the 12th.  Several temperature records were broken.  A record low max of 16 degrees on the 11th broke the previous record of 19 set back in 1916.  A record low max of 6 degrees on the 12th broke the previous record of 9 degrees…also set in 1916.  The record low of -13 on the 12th…shattered the previous record of -4 degrees set back in 1872.  Even more impressive…the record low of -14 degrees on the 13th broke the previous record of -3 degrees set back in 1916.


In 1970…heavy snowfall totaled 7.2 inches at Stapleton International Airport where northeast winds gusted to 22 mph on the 12th and 14th. Most of the snow… 4.2 inches…fell on the 12th.


In 1961…heavy snowfall totaled 5.6 inches at Stapleton Airport. East-northeast winds gusted to only 20 mph.

In 2011…hurricane force winds…up to 115 mph… downed trees in and power lines across the Front Range Mountains and Foothills. Scattered outages were reported in Gilpin County.  In Boulder…a woman received minor injuries when she was struck in the head by a falling tree limb. Three women near Georgetown received minor injuries when they were pelted by glass shards after a barrage of wind driven rocks and dirt shattered their windshield. Peak wind gusts included: 109 mph…6 miles north-northwest of Berthoud Pass; 101 mph atop Kenosha Pass…100 mph… 2 miles south-southwest of Loveland Pass; 99 mph…7 miles west-northwest of Berthoud; 92 mph at Blackhawk; 90 mph…3 miles south-southwest of Boulder; 87 mph…2 miles west-northwest of Aspen Springs and at Pickle Gulch; 84 mph at Loveland Pass and Lyons; 82 mph at the National Wind Technology Center; 80 mph at Dumont and 78 mph near Rollinsville and Ward. At Denver International Airport…west winds gusted to 52 mph on the 12th.


In 1909…light snowfall totaled 6.7 inches in downtown Denver over the 4 days. This was the first measurable snowfall of the season. Northeast winds were sustained to 15 mph on the 12th.


In 1951…northwest wind gusts to 50 mph were recorded at Stapleton Airport.

In 1983…winds gusted to around 60 mph in and near the foothills. There were scattered power outages and a few broken windows across metro Denver. The strong winds did 10 thousand dollars in damage to awnings at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver. West winds gusted to 46 mph at Stapleton International Airport.


In 1925…heavy post-frontal snowfall totaled 6.4 inches overnight in downtown Denver. Northwest winds were sustained to 27 mph with gusts to 29 mph on the 13th.

In 1974…northwest winds gusted to 52 mph at Stapleton International Airport…warming the temperature to 60 degrees shortly after midnight on the 13th. A cold front cooled temperatures into the 20’s by late morning and produced snowfall of 3.7 inches. The low temperature dipped to 14 degrees on the 14th.

In 1993…an upper level low pressure system combined with a weak but moist upslope flow to produce heavy snow across metro Denver. Snowfall amounts averaged 6 to 8 inches with up to 16 inches in the foothills at the Eldora Ski Area. Snowfall totaled 6.0 inches at Stapleton International Airport where north winds gusted to only 20 mph on the 14th. Most of the snow fell on the 14th.

In 1994…heavy snow developed rapidly along the Front Range urban corridor with the heaviest snow over northwest metro Denver. Sixteen to 18 inches of snow fell in Boulder… Lafayette…and Louisville. This was the second heavy snowfall over northwest metro Denver in 10 days. Eleven to 14 inches of snow were measured from Longmont southward into Aurora. Snowfall totaled 12.1 inches at Stapleton International Airport where northeast winds gusted to 29 mph on the 13th. Most of the snow…9.0 inches…fell on the 14th.

In 1997…heavy snow fell overnight in portions of Jefferson and Boulder counties. About 5.5 inches of snow were reported in Boulder…while 4 inches were measured 12 miles southwest of Morrison and 6 miles southwest of Golden. Snowfall totaled only 1.8 inches at the site of the former Stapleton International Airport. Northeast winds gusted to 26 mph at Denver International Airport.


In 1874…west winds blew at gale speeds from midnight until mid afternoon when the winds abated. The maximum sustained velocity was 48 mph.

In 1928…strong winds caused 3 hundred to 5 hundred dollars damage in Boulder. Wind gusts to 70 mph were recorded at Valmont just east of Boulder.

In 2006…an upper level jet stream combined with a high surface pressure gradient behind a cold front to produce strong winds across metro Denver. A wind gust to 66 mph was recorded in Longmont. North winds were sustained to 38 mph with gusts to 52 mph at Denver International Airport where winds were strong and gusty most of the day.


In 1917…overnight rainfall was 0.03 inch. This was the only measurable precipitation of the month…making it the 5th driest November on record.

In 1985…3 to 6 inches of snow fell across metro Denver. Snowfall totaled 3.8 inches at Stapleton International Airport where northeast winds gusted to only 13 mph.

In 2005…a winter storm that brought heavy snow to the mountains also spread heavy snow into the foothills to the west of Denver. Snowfall totals included: 14 inches at Aspen Springs…13 inches near Pinecliffe…and 12 inches near Nederland. Interstate 70 along with U.S. Highway 40 had to be closed near Idaho Springs due to snow…poor visibility in blowing snow…numerous accidents…and an increased avalanche danger. High winds were recorded in the foothills on the 14th. Winds gusted to 89 mph at Georgetown and to 91 mph on Sugarloaf Mountain west of Boulder. Strong microburst winds associated with a dissipating rain shower gusted to 61 mph at Denver International Airport on the 14th.


In 1964…the first measurable snowfall of the season totaled 6.0 inches at Stapleton International Airport where northeast winds gusted to 32 mph on the 14th. Most of the snow…4.2 inches…fell on the 14th. This was the only measurable snow of the month.

» Click here to read the rest of November 13 to November 19: This week in Denver weather history

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Veterans Day brings cooler temps but still dry and calm

Friday, November 11th, 2016 5:30am MDT

Following the passage of a weak cold front, Thornton will see temperatures much closer to normal today. While cooler, we will still have lots of sun and conditions remain dry.

We start out the day under sunny skies and may see some clouds as the day progresses but overall mostly sunny skies will be the rule. Winds will be light, conditions calm and dry. Temperatures will be warming up to around 57 degrees, not far off the normal high of 54 degrees for the date.

Have a great Friday and be sure to thank a veteran for your freedom today!

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Thornton’s Thursday cools slightly, remains dry

Thursday, November 10th, 2016 5:10am MDT

Courtesy of a weak cold front, we will see temperatures cool a bit versus what we saw yesterday and tomorrow will cool even further. However, we will still have plenty of sun above and conditions will remain dry.

We start out the day with sunny skies and while there will be a few clouds by mid to late afternoon, there will be shortage of sun. Temperatures will be topping out in the mid to upper 60s. As the front pushes through in the early afternoon, winds will become a bit breezy with gusts toward 20 mph or so.

Tomorrow we’ll see highs cool further and actually come within a few degrees of average before rebounding back to the mid to upper 60s for the weekend. More details in the extended forecast.

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