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Thornton’s workweek starts with calm, cool conditions

Monday, November 4th, 2019 4:57am MST

A weak disturbance to our north will cool things down some today. Conditions will be calm though and with a good bit of sun.

Partly clear skies start us off but as that disturbance moves east, our skies will clear leaving mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. Temperatures today will be cooler than yesterday and still well below normal. Look for a high in the mid-40s.

Tonight, partly clear skies will be above with overnight lows in the mid-20s.

Overall, the coming week looks to be calm but also remain on the cool side. Check out our extended weather forecast for more.

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October 2019 weather recap: An extraordinarily cold and snowy month

Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 4:19pm MST

There is little doubt that when folks’ memories go back October 2019’s weather, they will remember the snow and even more so, the cold. Numerous cold temperature records were broken and the month ended up as one of the coldest Octobers on record.

Things started off cool for the first few days and a bit of precipitation. We then warmed up and dried out, seeing our warmest temperatures of the month on the 7th, 8th and 9th. From there, it was mostly downhill.

The evening of the 9th saw a powerful storm system and cold front move across northeastern Colorado. Temperatures plummeted and we saw our first snowfall of the season. Denver officially saw a 70 degree temperature change from the 9th to the 10th, tying the period for the second largest two-day temperature swing in Denver history.

High pressure returned on the 12th and we warmed up and dried out again. Cool but non-dramatic conditions arrived for the 18th through the 23rd. We then saw our second snowfall on the 24th of the month.

A brief rebound saw us warm up and enjoy a day of warmer than normal temperatures on the 26th. Once again, Mother Nature dropped the hammer with cold and snow returning on the 27th. The final five days of the month saw us receive two shots of snow and temperatures more akin to what we would expect to see in January.

Overall, Thornton’s average temperature for the month was 42.8 degrees. This was far below the long term Denver average for October of 50.9 degrees and was Thornton’s second coldest October since ThorntonWeather.com came online in the fall of 2006.

Out at Denver International Airport where the Mile High City’s official measurements are taken, it was slightly warmer with an average of 43.7 degrees. That made the month the fourth coldest October in Denver weather history.

Denver saw six cold weather daily temperature records fall. Among them were a record low of 13 degrees on the 10th, a record low on the 11th, record low maximums on the 28th and the 29th, and then two more record low temperatures on the 30th and 31st.

In terms of precipitation, Denver averages 1.02 inches of liquid during the month of October.  Thornton bested that handily with 1.54 inches in our rain bucket. At DIA, it was drier with only 0.91 inches officially.

Snow was abundant in Thornton and Denver. Thornton received 17.6 inches of the white stuff while Denver came in at 12.5 inches. The Denver measurement made the month the 12th snowiest in Denver weather history.

Click here to view Thornton’s October 2019 climate report.

Thornton, Colorado's October 2019 Temperature Summary.

Thornton, Colorado’s October 2019 Temperature Summary.

Thornton, Colorado's October 2019 Precipitation Summary.

Thornton, Colorado’s October 2019 Precipitation Summary.

230 PM MDT FRI NOV 1 2019




                 VALUE   DATE(S)  VALUE   FROM    VALUE  DATE(S)
 HIGH              90   10/01/1892
 LOW               -2   10/29/1917
HIGHEST            83   10/09        83       0       86  10/03
LOWEST              3   10/30        22     -19       18  10/15
AVG. MAXIMUM     58.5              65.3    -6.8     61.5
AVG. MINIMUM     28.9              36.6    -7.7     36.8
MEAN             43.7              50.9    -7.2     49.2
DAYS MAX >= 90      0               0.0     0.0        0
DAYS MAX <= 32      5               0.4     4.6        1
DAYS MIN <= 32     18               8.5     9.5        7
DAYS MIN <= 0       0               0.0     0.0        0 
 MAXIMUM 4.17 1969
 TOTALS          0.91              1.02   -0.11     0.99 
DAILY AVG.       0.03              0.03    0.00     0.03 
DAYS >= .01         9               5.3     3.7        9
DAYS >= .10         4               2.4     1.6        3
DAYS >= .50         0               0.5    -0.5        0
DAYS >= 1.00        0               0.1    -0.1        0
 24 HR. TOTAL    0.22   10/29 TO 10/29

 TOTAL           12.5               4.0
RECORD OCTOBER   31.2   1969

HEATING TOTAL     653               440     213      487
 SINCE 7/1        675               581      94      565
COOLING TOTAL       1                 5      -4        4
 SINCE 1/1        916               769     147     1026

 EARLIEST     09/08/1962
 LATEST       06/08/2007
EARLIEST      10/09             10/07
LATEST                          05/05

AVERAGE WIND SPEED              10.0

AVERAGE SKY COVER           0.40
NUMBER OF DAYS FAIR           13
NUMBER OF DAYS PC             13


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Thornton’s weekend starts with a chill, will see temperatures finally warm up a bit

Friday, November 1st, 2019 5:07am MST

With the passing of a weak cold front, we cool back down a bit today. Tomorrow and Sunday will rebound with warmer temps but temps will still be a good ways below normal for this time of year.

For today, we’ll see varying levels of clouds today with mostly sunny skies early and late followed by increased mid-day coverage. Cooler air has settled in and will limit high temperatures to the mid-30s. Tonight, mostly clear skies will be above with lows dropping to the mid-teens.

Saturday will offer up a lot of sun thanks to clear to mostly clear skies. High temperatures will be in the mid-40s with calm conditions. Saturday night into Sunday morning, partly cloudy skies will be above. Overnight lows will be near 20 degrees.

Sunday will be the warmest day of the week with highs near 50 degrees under mostly sunny skies.

Have a great weekend!

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Another record falls as Denver sees its coldest Halloween temperature on record

Thursday, October 31st, 2019 5:09am MST

Record Cold Temperatures

The storm might be over but its effects continue to be felt in the form of very cold temperatures. This morning Denver recorded its coldest temperature ever for October 31.

In the pre-dawn hours the temperature at Denver International Airport dropped to 7 degrees. This handily bested the record low temperature for the date of 10 degrees set in 1991.

Here in Thornton we were just a bit colder with a low of 5 degrees.

This is the third cold temperature record set in recent days. It follows a record low maximum on the 29th and a record low yesterday.

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Thornton’s Halloween to offer up dry conditions but with chilly temperatures

Thursday, October 31st, 2019 5:01am MST

The latest storm is now becoming a memory but cold is going to linger today. Trick or treaters will be bundled up and out and about with temps near or below freezing.

The day starts off with clear skies and single digit temperatures. As the morning progresses, a few clouds will move through but nothing that will amount to much. Temperatures will slowly rise to a high near the 40 degree mark, about 20 degrees below normal.

They will be on their way down this evening when kids start hitting the streets. Look for it to be right near freezing at 6:00pm and in the mid to upper 20s by 8:00pm.

Tonight, mostly clear skies will be above with overnight lows dropping into the teens.

Keep an eye on current conditions here.

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October 2019 top shots: Monthly photo slideshow

Thursday, October 31st, 2019 2:58am MST
The Mount Lindo cross glows over the city of Denver at twilight. (Bill Hutchinson)

The Mount Lindo cross glows over the city of Denver at twilight. (Bill Hutchinson)

October in Thornton can bring a wide variety of weather conditions, perfect for the photographer in all of us.

The month brings the changing of the colors at Colorado’s lower elevations and it is also is typically when we see our first freeze and first snow.

Couple those facts with our usual widely varying landscapes and wildlife and we have a month that is sure to bring in plenty of photo opportunities.

  • Slideshow updated October 31, 2019
  • To learn more about how to send your photo to us for inclusion in the slideshow, see below the slideshow.

Showcasing images captured by ThorntonWeather.com readers as well as some of our own, our monthly slideshow covers the entire gamut of weather-related imagery.

Sunsets, sunrises, wildlife and of course every type of weather condition are vividly depicted in images captured from yours and our cameras.

What is missing in the slideshow above?  Your photo!

Our monthly photo slideshow is going to feature images that we have taken but more importantly images that you have captured.  The photos can be of anything even remotely weather-related.

Landscapes, current conditions, wildlife, pets, kids.  Whimsical, newsy, artsy.  Taken at the zoo, some other area attraction, a local park, a national park or your backyard.  You name it, we want to see and share it!

Images can be taken in Thornton, Denver or anywhere across the extraordinary Centennial State.  We’ll even take some from out of state if we can tie it to Colorado somehow.

We’ll keep the criteria very open to interpretation with just about any image eligible to be shown in our slideshows.

What do you win for having your image in our slideshow?  We are just a ‘mom and pop’ outfit and make no money from our site so we really don’t have the means to provide prizes.  However you will have our undying gratitude and the satisfaction that your images are shared on the most popular website in Thornton.

To share you images with us and get them included in the slideshow just email them to us or share them with ThorntonWeather.com on any of the various social media outlets.  Links are provided below.

So come on, get those camera’s rolling!

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Falling back: Daylight Saving Time comes to an end Sunday, November 3

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 8:45am MST
The United States returns to Standard Time at 2:00am Sunday as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end.

The United States returns to Standard Time at 2:00am Sunday as Daylight Saving Time comes to an end.

The biannual ritual of changing our clocks to adjust for Daylight Saving Time occurs this weekend, providing yet another signal of the changing of seasons.  The United States will ‘fall back’ one hour at 2:00am Sunday morning as we return to Standard Time.

The ritual of changing our clocks twice a year can be met with some resistance as some people struggle to adjust their body’s internal clock.  Others actually like the return to standard time as they get to enjoy an extra hour of sleep.

The time change definitely has big effects on the dawning of daylight and how early it gets dark in the evening.

Sunrise on Saturday occurs at 7:29am but on Sunday it will be at 6:30am. Similarly, sunset will occur at 5:56pm on Saturday but on Sunday the sun will disappear over the horizon at 4:55pm.

For many this means that when they get home from work it will now be dark and outdoor activities will be significantly curtailed as a result.

Arizona and Hawaii are the only states that do not observe Daylight Saving Time and remain on Standard Time year round.    The U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the United States Virgin Islands also do not observe the event.

It won’t be all that long though before Daylight Saving Time returns.  On March 8, 2020 we will ‘spring forward.’

Daylight Saving Time Schedule

The mandated beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time has changed in the United States over the years.

The most recent schedule was set by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and took effect in 2007.  We now ‘spring forward’ to begin Daylight Saving Time on the second Sunday in March and ‘fall back’ with the return to Standard Time on the first Sunday in November.

Daylight Savings Time Dates

Year DST Begins 2 a.m.
(Second Sunday in March)
DST Ends 2 a.m.
(First Sunday in November)
2019 10 March 2019 3 November 2019
2020 8 March 2020 1 November 2020
2021 14 March 2021 7 November 2021
2022 13 March 2022 6 November 2022
2023 12 March 2023 5 November 2023
2024 10 March 2024 3 November 2024
2025 9 March 2025 2 November 2025
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Octobrrr as Denver sets record low temperature for October 30

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 7:48am MST

Record Cold Temperatures

With the snow yesterday also came unusually cold temperatures. Yesterday’s high temperature was the coldest recorded for the date and now Denver has set a record low temperature.

Denver’s official temperature this morning dropped to 3 degrees as measured at Denver International Airport. That broke the record low temperature for October 30 of 7 degrees set in 1991.

Thornton saw similarly bone-chilling cold with a low of 4 degrees this morning.

Today, temperatures are going to run about 40 degrees below normal. Further, there is a good chance we set another record low temperature tomorrow morning. The record low for October 31 is 10 degrees and current indications are we could dip to near 0 degrees.

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The snow comes to an end but the cold lingers on Wednesday

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 5:09am MST

Our latest snowfall is coming to an end this morning and as it does, we remain quite chilled. Temperatures will be well below normal and we may set yet another cold temperature record or two.

The day starts out overcast and with some light snow flurries still falling. As the morning progresses, the snow will come to an end and the sky will begin to clear. By this afternoon, mostly sunny skies will be above.

Temperatures today will be far below the average high for the date of 60 degrees with a forecast high of only 20 degrees.

Tonight, those clearing skies are going to allow very cold temperatures to seep in with overnight lows near zero, perhaps below.

Be safe on the roads and stay warm! Keep an eye on current conditions here.

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Denver sets record low maximum for October 29

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 7:13pm MST

Record Cold Temperatures

Not only did we receive a healthy shot of snow with this latest storm, we also saw some very cold temperatures. In fact, the first of what could be a few cold temperature records has been set.

As measured at Denver International Airport, the Mile High City’s official high temperature today was only 18 degrees. Not only was that more than 40 degrees below average, it also sets a record for the coldest high temperature for October 29.  The old record was 25 degrees set in 1993.

Here in Thornton, we were just a bit “warmer” with a high of 20 degrees.

The record-breaking cold is not done either. There is a good chance Denver sets a record low tomorrow morning and on Thursday morning.

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