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Reminder: Personal use of fireworks illegal in the City of Thornton, big time fines await violators

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 11:15am MDT

Fireworks are illegal in Thornton and with the tinder dry conditions this year, fire danger is extraordinarily high. Please leave the show to the pros!

Fireworks have long been illegal in the City of Thornton and in recent years stiff fines have been meted out to violators.  Like last year, conditions are tinder dry and as such it is especially important that residents adhere to the law and leave the show to the pros.

Wildfires are burning across Colorado right now with tens of thousands of acres charred and more than 500 homes destroyed.    These events highlight that even a small spark in the dry conditions we are experiencing could lead to disaster.

The danger is there, even in an urban environment, where foliage is very dry, lawns are parched and building materials are completely dried out.  While residents could still go to Wyoming or unincorporated areas of Adams County to purchase them, the risk is simply not worth the minimal reward.

Not too many of us have an extra $500 lying around and that is what it will cost anyone who shoots off fireworks in Thornton.  A second violation in 12 months nets you a $1,000 fine.  Of course violators will also have to deal with the disdain of neighbors who likely do not appreciate the noise, mess, smoke, hassle and danger you present to their property.

The City of Thornton will be holding its annual 4th of July celebration with its usual second-to-none fireworks show.  ThorntonWeather.com asks all Thornton residents, please, don’t put anyone at risk.

Rather than spend money on fireworks – and fines – do something good with your money.  Donate to Help Colorado Now,  an organization sponsored by the state of Colorado dedicated to helping relief organizations assisting communities hit by disaster.  Show your support for our fellow Coloradans and leave the show to the pros.

Click here to visit the Help Colorado Now website.

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One Response to “Reminder: Personal use of fireworks illegal in the City of Thornton, big time fines await violators”

  1. Jason Says:

    STUPID. I’d rather shoot my four foot fountain in my back yard then sit in hours of traffic, fight stupid crowds, all to see a mediocre fireworks show at the park.

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