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Local sculptor donates extraordinary statue to Thornton Veterans Memorial

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010 10:43am MST

 "Grace" will become a prominent feature of the Thornton Veterans Memorial.We here at ThorntonWeather.com are tremendous supporters of our nation’s veterans and have contributed our time and our financial resources to various veteran-related causes. 

As President Abraham Lincoln said, “Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.”  To that end we are strong supporters of the Thornton Veterans Memorial and we were very pleased to hear about a contribution to the project made by a local sculptor, Christopher Romero

What follows is the press release announcing the donation.  Mr. Romero should be commended for honoring our nation’s veterans in such a truly extraordinary fashion. 

Local Artisan Contributes Statue Dedicated to Veterans
“Grace” to Become Prominent Feature at Thornton Veterans Memorial

THORNTON, Colorado – Sculptor Christopher Romero, well known for his works seen across the Denver metro area, announced he will donate his latest work as a contribution to the Thornton Veterans Memorial project.   

Titled “Grace”, the nearly four-foot tall statue of a winged angel releasing a dove with dog tags is an extraordinarily moving piece of artwork.  Grace’s outstretched arms symbolize the release of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to this nation.  The dog tags carried aloft by a dove provide a visual and emotional representation of those brave men and women.

In announcing the contribution Mr. Romero said, “This is simply about doing what is right to honor our nation’s veterans.  Grace belongs at this memorial and I am pleased that she will have a home honoring heroes.” 

Romero’s contribution of the sculpture is valued at $12,000 and the Thornton Veterans Memorial Foundation will be funding the casting and molding estimated at $4,500. 

The initial stages of work on “Grace” have been completed and the sculpture is now at the foundry where it will be rendered in bronze, a process estimated to take 90 days.  Once complete the statue will be placed with the other features of the Thornton Veterans Memorial located near 136th Avenue and Holly Street. 

“Grace will be a central feature of the Thornton Veterans Memorial and adds a human element that quite literally brings tears to your eyes,” Tony Hake, chairman of the foundation said.  “On behalf of all veterans we thank Mr. Romero for the generosity he has shown in sharing Grace with the community.”

To learn more about the Foundation and the memorial project and how you can help to honor our nation’s veterans, please visit the Thornton VeteransMemorial website at http://www.thorntonveteransmemorial.org.

More information about Mr. Romero can be found on his website at: http://www.clrmetalart.com/.

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