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Thornton’s Monday starts off calm and seasonal, will be ending with a winter storm

Monday, November 25th, 2019 5:06am MST

Hopefully you got out and enjoyed the mild weather this past weekend because big changes are on their way. The much-discussed winter storm will arrive this afternoon and deliver what will likely be our most significant snowfall of the season so far.

The day starts out with some sun above but cloud cover will steadily be increasing through the morning. Mostly cloudy skies early this afternoon will be entirely obscured by mid to late afternoon.

Temperatures will top out in the mid-40s by about noon but then it will be all downhill. Winds will be picking up by noon and continue to be blustery the rest of the day and overnight.

Some sprinkles of rain may be seen in the early afternoon and then things transition to snow after 2:00pm. Snow will be light and sporadic initially then picking up the pace after 5:00pm. Moderate to heavy snowfall will then continue tonight and into tomorrow morning. It should be easing up by about 9:00am tomorrow then only light snowfall is expected during the day tomorrow.

Total snow accumulations for Thornton should fall in the 6 to 12 inch range, perhaps even a bit more depending on intensity.

A Winter Storm Warning will be in effect from 8:00pm tonight to 5:00pm tomorrow. The snow and wind is going to create hazardous conditions and make travel difficult if not impossible at its worst.

You certainly should complete your preparations for the storm today working toward the possibility of being stuck in place tomorrow. Please be safe tonight and tomorrow! Get all the latest on our Winter Weather Briefing Page here.


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