Thornton, Colorado, USA
UpdatedSun, 25-Oct-2020 9:55pm MDT 


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Mild temperatures and calm conditions Tuesday, smoke moves in

Tuesday, September 15th, 2020 5:04am MDT

Thornton will see another day with temperatures well above normal. There would be sunny skies as well but smoke from the West Coast wildfires will be infiltrating in and impacting the blue above.

We expect no clouds at all today as stable, dry air remains in place. However, hazy skies from the smoke will be with us throughout the day and tonight.

Highs today will top in the upper 80s, perhaps hit the 90 degree mark. How warm we get will be impacted by the thickness of the smoke.

Tonight, the haze remains above and overnight lows will dip to the mid-50s.


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