Thornton, Colorado, USA
UpdatedSun, 15-Sep-2019 6:55pm MDT 


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Thornton’s workweek starts with seasonal temperatures, calm conditions

Monday, April 1st, 2019 5:03am MDT

Monday will offer up some pretty nice weather for us. Temperatures will be right near normal with just a bit of cloud cover and some slightly breezy winds.

Clear skies start us off and then moisture aloft will increase bringing in some cloud cover for the balance of the day. Overall though, mostly sunny skies should be the rule.

Winds will be calm initially then become just a little bit breezy in the afternoon but nothing too strong or annoying. Highs today will top out right near the average high for today’s date of 58 degrees.

Tonight, mostly cloudy skies will be above with lows dropping close to freezing.


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