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UpdatedThu, 28-May-2020 11:50am MDT 


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Thornton kicks off the workweek with temps well above normal temperatures

Monday, September 10th, 2018 5:04am MDT

Autumn in now less than two weeks away but Mother Nature is going to deliver us another string of summer-like days this week. Temperatures are going to be a good ways above average throughout the workweek and into the weekend.

For today, we start out with clear skies then see a few clouds later this morning and afternoon as there will be some high level moisture. At the lower levels though, we will remain dry.

Any clouds are not expected to have much of an impact on temps as we head for a high right near the 90 degree mark. The average high for today’s date is 81 degrees.

Tonight, skies will see some clearing then we expect an overnight low in the upper 50s.

Looking ahead at the rest of the week, mercury readings close to 90 and a bit above will last until at least Friday. The weekend will offer some cooling but still with readings above normal. Get more details in the extended weather forecast here.


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