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Monday starts seasonal but significant winter storm arrives tonight

Monday, November 16th, 2015 5:48am MST

Big changes are on the way for Thornton’s weather.  As a winter storm bears down on us, the unseasonably warm temperatures of this past weekend will fade and blizzard conditions may very well lie in the near future.

We start out Monday with just a bit of sun followed by increasing clouds as the day progresses.  Temperatures will be climbing to a high of around 50 degrees by about 1:00pm but then start dropping.  By 5:00pm it will be down to the mid-30s.  Winds will be light for the morning but then start picking up speed with gusts pushing 20mph by late afternoon.

Some shower activity will be possible by mid-afternoon but things are not expected to really get started until about 8:00pm.  At that time snow should become heavier and more widespread and winds will become very strong with gusts to 40mph being possible as we get closer to midnight.

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How much snow falls overnight is going to be tricky.  The heaviest snow will be south and southeast of us and there is expected to be a sharp cutoff where the heavier amounts of snow end.  Models indicate the north metro area is right at that edge.

This is one of those storms where snowfall totals will vary greatly over relatively short distances with Thornton likely being at the lower end.  We do see 3 to 6 inches accumulation between tonight and tomorrow morning being likely with a more significant event of 4 to 8+ inches not being entirely outside the realm of possibility for at least some parts of our area.

A Blizzard Warning will be in effect from 8:00pm this evening through 2:00pm tomorrow.  That means that blizzard conditions of sustained winds of 35mph, considerable falling or drifting snow and visibility less than a quarter mile are possible for at least three hours during the period.  Note that it has far less to do with a great deal of snow accumulation than the combination of snow and wind.

Travel conditions may be hazardous during the warning, particularly for areas further on the plains and on the Palmer Divide.  It goes without saying that your morning commute tomorrow may be a rough one.  Stay weather aware today and tonight!

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