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Going down: Arctic air brings coldest temperatures in three years to Thornton

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014 6:47am MDT

The mercury plummeted in the early morning hours to well below zero ushering in the coldest temperatures we have seen in a long time.  A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect and while the temperature will climb today, it won’t be by much.

This morning the temperature in Thornton dropped to a bone chilling -12.5 degrees.  That is the coldest temperature Thornton has seen since February 2, 2011 when we recorded -14.7 degrees.

A Wind Chill Advisory is in effect until 11:00 a.m. this morning.  Bitter cold temperatures coupled with even the slightest breeze will create dangerous wind chill temperatures. Frost bite and hypothermia are very real concerns. Exercise caution if going outdoors and please watch out for your pets too.

High temperatures today, if you want to call them that, will be as much as 40 degrees below normal.  Thornton is expecting to reach a high of 2 degrees as compared to the Denver average for the date of 45.

Skies will be cloudy and this afternoon we may see some light snow / flurries that last into tonight.  Only minimal accumulations, if any at all, are expected.

Overnight tonight the mercury will drop once again heading well below zero.  The low temperature is expected to go to 11 degrees below.  Dangerous wind chill temperatures can once again be expected.

Looking ahead, Thursday brings some minimal warming with a high temperature around 12 degrees.  Friday we get to the mid to upper 20s and then near 30 on Saturday.  It still looks like it could be Sunday before we climb above freezing.


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