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Winter Weather Preparedness Week recap

Saturday, October 25th, 2008 5:07am MDT
Winter Weather Preparedness Week recap.

Winter Weather Preparedness Week recap.

As we have talked about this week, winter weather can be dangerous and downright deadly.  However, being prepared helps to ensure that you and your family remain safe when the snow starts to fly or other winter weather conditions occur.  It is very easy to ignore the dangers of weather – no matter the season – and find yourself saying, “I wish I would have….” Now is the time to think about how you can prepare for these conditions, before it is too late and you find yourself wishing you had. 

In this sixth and final message in a series on Winter Weather Preparedness from the National Weather Service, ThorntonWeather.com reviews the topics we covered this week and directs you to the previous articles and other resources to help you get ready.

Part 1 Winter travel safety
Part 2 Watches…warnings…and advisories
Part 3 High winds
Part 4 Wind chill temperatures and hypothermia
Part 5  Avalanche safety
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600 AM MDT SAT OCT 25 2008

Enjoy the great outdoors in Colorado this winter season, but watch the weather.

The National Weather Service issues a variety of winter weather, outlooks, watches, warnings, and advisories, covered earlier during this Winter Weather Preparedness Week.  Safety tips were also passed along.

An example of severe winter weather occurred in March 2003 across the eastern foothills, adjacent plains, and mountains. Snowfall amounts ranged from 80 to 110 inches, along with strong winds in some areas.  The Denver metro area averaged nearly three feet of snow.  The storm was well forecast, and people, for the most part, heeded the warnings, so casualties and impacts were mitigated.

More recent examples of what can happen during the winter weather season were the heavy snow events of December 2006.  Back to back major storms occurred the third and fourth weeks of the month across eastern Colorado.  Heavy snow accumulated over three feet deep in some areas. Strong wind drifted the snow into 12 to 20 foot drifts, and thousands of ranch animals fell victim. Travel was hampered for days in the hardest hit areas.

Last year, powerful winter storms brought blizzard conditions to the southwest mountains on two separate occasions, which threatened and took lives, due to avalanches and severe winter conditions.

Before winter weather threatens this season, you should prepare a winter safety kit for your vehicle. When planning travel, check the latest weather forecasts. A valuable companion when heading out is a battery powered NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio, the voice of the National Weather Service.  It provides you with the latest weather conditions and forecasts.  You can pick one up at your local electronics or department store.

Finally, if you need information on winter weather safety,  winter weather safety brochures, or NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio,  please visit the web site of the National Weather Service Office responsible for your area.

Boulder Office – weather.gov/den
Grand Junction Office – weather.gov/gjt
Goodland Kansas Office – weather.gov/gld
Pueblo Office – weather.gov/pub

Have a safe, enjoyable winter season in Colorado.

Tom Magnuson
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service  Pueblo Colorado 

For more information:  Colorado Division of Emergency Preparedness – Winter Weather Preparedness Week

Do you have questions about winter weather preparedness or any other weather?  Leave a comment below and ThorntonWeather.com will try to answer them.

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  1. Stephanie Lipton Says:

    Thank you for publishing this series – it has been very informative. What we need now is to get the out of state visitors to read this as they are the ones that REALLY need the education! 🙂

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