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By the numbers: Colorado’s extraordinary September 2013 rain and flooding

Saturday, September 14th, 2013 4:42pm MST

September 2013’s record-setting rainfall and flooding has been called a 100-year event and is one that Coloradans will remember for their entire lives.

The deadly event was caused by five days of rain, the bulk of which fell in a torrential downpour on September 12.  Areas all along the Colorado Front Range received more rainfall in a single day than they received in a month.

The image below shows how the rain measured with this event compares with September and annual averages for various locations.  It becomes readily apparent just how extraordinary the event was.

It should be noted that once again we see how DIA, the official measuring station for Denver’s weather since 1995, is the outlier and not representative of weather conditions experienced by the majority of the population of the Mile High City.

Rainfall from Colorado's September 2013 flooding event versus historical averages.

Rainfall from Colorado’s September 2013 flooding event versus historical averages. Click for larger view.

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