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October 2009 ends as second coldest and fifth snowiest on record

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 8:13am MDT
October 2009 in Denver was the second coldest and fifth snowiest October on record.

October 2009 in Denver was the second coldest and fifth snowiest October on record.

Most of the month of October was cooler than normal in the Mile High City and now that the month is over we see just how cold it was. Denver finished October 2009 with an average temperature more than 8 degrees below normal and had 9 inches more snow than what is normal for the month.

October 2009’s 42.9 degree average makes it the second coldest since record keeping began in 1873 – 136 years ago! re in Thornton we were actually slightly cooler with an average temperature of 42.0 degrees.  Only October 1969 was colder as that year Denver had an average temperature of a chilly 39 degrees.  He

Across the board temperatures for the month were well below normal. The average daily high temperature of 54.7 degrees was 11.3 degrees below the normal of 66.0 degrees. Low temperatures were similarly well below normal with an average of 31.1 degrees – 4.8 degrees below the normal of 35.9. 

Thornton was warmer for daytime highs than the Denver official temperatures as we averaged 55.6 degrees.  In terms of low temperatures, we were cooler having averaged 30.7 degrees. 

There's more to this story on the Denver Weather Examiner's site!What about the snowfall?  Denver finished with the fifth snowiest October on record.  Click here to get all the details on Examiner.com.

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