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CNN meteorologist calls manmade global warming theory ‘arrogant’

Sunday, December 21st, 2008 3:04am MDT
It would seem that the debate on global warming and manmade climate change isn't over yet.

It would seem that the debate on global warming and manmade climate change isn't over yet.

CNN weather anchor Chad Myers appeared on Lou Dobbs Tonight earlier this week and he had had some pretty stark comments on manmade global warming.  Calling the theory ‘arrogant’ and declaring that the data on which it is based short-sighted and faulty, Myers adds his voice to a growing chorus of dissenting opinions on the impact man has on the climate and is on the heels of last week’s news of 650 international scientists announcing their disagreement with the manmade global warming claims of the United Nations.

To think we could affect weather all that much is pretty arrogant.

– Chad Myers, CNN Meteorologist

Myers continued:

“Mother Nature is so big. The world is so big. The oceans are so big. I think we’re going to die from a lack of fresh water or die from ocean acidification before we die from global warming, for sure. But this is like you said, in your career; my career has been 22 years long. That’s a good career in TV. But in talking about climate, it is like having a car for three days and saying this is a great car. Yes, it was for three days, but maybe in day five, six and seven it won’t be so good. That’s what we’re doing here. We have a hundred years worth of data, not millions of years that the world has been around.”

This was a pretty interesting exchange.  Check out the video below.  You can also find a transcript here.

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5 Responses to “CNN meteorologist calls manmade global warming theory ‘arrogant’”

  1. Hunter Says:

    We have ice core data which provides climatological information for tens of thousands of years not 100 years as you say.
    Virginia Beach.

  2. Earl_E Says:

    He is right. When he talks about a smog alert, you know, the air not being healthy to breathe, it is often caused by cars, not man.

    And if we blew up all the nuclear bombs on the planet at the same time, I’m sure we wouldn’t miss abeat.

    Man impact his environment, rubbish.

    Just ask any shrimp fisherman in the Gulf.

    If you want to advance your career, you have to be controversial.

  3. Earl_E Says:

    One more thing…
    He also correctly says that ocean acidification could kill us first. Where does all that acid comne from? Not man. Coal, cars, and Christmas lights.

    He is so smart. You know those weathermen, the high-preists of science.

  4. juju Says:

    I have some frightening new information from my daylight change research. The data indicates drastic changes to the environment that have already started.

    Many species of birds and millions of individual birds have left the northern hemisphere. The impact of the loss of these birds is unimaginable.

    Insect life has been severely affected and most can no longer be observed.

    Large mammals have been observed lying in a state of near death torpor in their dens.

    Crop production has fallen to dangerously low levels. My models predict famine in the near future.

    These and other effects of the loss of day light demand our immediate attention if we are to prevent a climate catastrophe.
    Where is Al Gore when we need him?

  5. Earl_E Says:

    Big Al got disses by big Oil, and the 15 billion dollar profit for Exxon can buy even so much ad time on TV and so many spokesmodels like our headline seeking weatherguesser that there really isn’t any chance.

    C’mon, if you believe WMD, you’ll believe anything.

    Quick to anger, but so slow to understand.

    I think people will get the message when the fruit selection at the store is between rotten and rancid.

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